Stump Grinding

stump grinding service austin tx

Remove an Ugly Stump From Your Property

Our team can complete a stump grinding project in the Austin, TX area

A stump can be an eyesore and a stumbling block. It can also be an attractive home to pests, and a place where tree diseases and fungi fester. To remove a stump from your property in or near Austin, TX, rely on Brothers Landscaping and Tree Service, LLC.

We can provide stump grinding services. Our team will:

Cut away the bulky part of the stump above ground level
Use stump grinding equipment to bring it to ground level
Reduce the stump to ground level or remove it further

If requested, we can trace the underlying roots underground, remove them and prevent regrowth. We can also fill the resulting hole. For a free estimate on your stump grinding project, call 512-783-7706 now.

What makes removing a stump important?

If you put off stump removal, you have an eyesore on your property. You also put your property at risk for pest infestation and your other trees at risk for the spread of diseases and fungi. Removing a stump quickly is important for your property's appearance health, so arrange for our stump grinding services right away.